Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Gay Republicans

McCNN headline: "Gay Republicans: GOP 'on wrong side of history'.

Best quote: "We'd really like to be butch enough to be real Republicans, but the bathroom at the Minneapolis airport will have to do, big boy."

Yeah, I made that up.

Listen, guys, you're gay. You're in a gay-hating party. Do you really enjoy that? Who's on the wrong side?

But keep on going 'cause I got two or three laughs out of this story, and I can always use a good chortle.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you misunderstood. It wasn't referring to the 'wrong side' of the issue from today's perspective, it was referring to the perspective we'll have on this issue in the future.

And the Republican party does not want to be tagged for being anti-gay in the same way the KKK was tagged for being the last one's to accept ethnic diversity.

So you can hold your own social biases if you like, and if you feel better for telling people what their rights are, and are not, then go for it. But you'll go down in the history books with the other anti-gay proponents. And I hope they don't spare any details.

lovable liberal said...

My social biases against Republicans? The KKK has accepted ethnic diversity? I'm anti-gay? What the hell are you talking about?

The Republican Party is anti-gay. Not only is it on the wrong side of history in just about every respect, its gay members are on the wrong side of their own equality.

And I think the fact that you're arguing with me indicates that you are arguing with the wrong side.