Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wargaming Mitt and Meg

Mitt "So Insincere Even the Republican Base Could Tell" Romney is still aiming for the Presidency in 2012. He has started to organize his life so that he doesn't face the same ridicule for his personal housing empire that John McCain did last year.

Mitt's spending money to be more of a player, and Meg Whitman in California is perfect for him. Everything that's true about her is that she's a wealthy Republican, just like Mitt. She's even pro-choice, maybe not even expediently and insincerely the way Mitt was in 2002 here in Massachusetts. But what they both are about is making the world safe for billionaires, and the rest of us are on our own.

The objective for liberals, besides beating Whitman in California, is to make Romney pay with the Republican base for supporting her. In this, Sarah Palin is our natural ally. After all, we really want Obama to face her when he runs for re-election. She'd be the weakest general election Republican since, uh, McCain.

Our point of leverage, of course, is abortion. We need video of Romney waffling and excusing Whitman's heterodox Republican views to kill him with the Republican base.

The script for an ad against him would have this outline:

  • Mitt Romney - pro-choice in Massachusetts in 2002
  • Mitt Romney - claimed conversion epiphany to pro-life in 2006, just in time to run for President
  • Mitt Romney - backing a pro-choice candidate for governor of California in 2010
  • Mitt Romney - what does he really believe? Can we count on him? Does he believe in anything besides wealth? Is ambition instead of principle what guides him?
That ought to push the Republicans to go one more cycle without being willing to nominate a candidate outside their frothing wingnut base.

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