Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Poker in the eye

I saw Rep. Jim McGovern at this event in Ashland on Sunday, and he was his usual out front self:

"Republicans are balking, and want nothing but tax cuts. We tried that. We have given so many tax cuts to the wealthy that we have accumulated a debt that is the largest in the history of the United States of America."
I restrained myself from telling McGovern what I'd like to see: Strip out the Republican crap. Vote the stimulus with no Republican support in the House and minimal Republican support in the Senate. For the signing ceremony, President Obama can give these short remarks:
Today, the Democrats stood with me and with you, the American people. We have taken responsibility for fixing the mess left by my predecessor. It won't be easy, but we are up to the challenge even if those on the other side are not.
Go all in on this to reap the rewards. Make the economy work again.

This should kill the Republican Party. Oh, sure, there will be another conservative party - and there should be - but this hidebound, redneck conservative party led by Rush Limbaugh is so bound up in lies and stupidity that it needs to be replaced.

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