Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lord of the Flies

Every now and then, I am horrified to see the face of the mob through the veneer of civil order. This vicious face nowadays comes almost always from the wingnuts, and I explain to myself their inexplicable unselfconscious ugliness as a result of talk radio's unleashing the id of hate.

When a day exposes this psychopathic unconcern for other humans, it stops my usual optimism. Yesterday I glimpsed a hint of this in Dave Schultheis. But today was one of those days when I saw too much in the comment thread of the Boston Globe's story on a surge in applications for food stamps. Here's a small sampling from only the first page of the merciless depravity of the lunatics:

Here's a novel idea: tell them to try growing their own food. --swan9

where are all the skinny, starving people? --prettywoman [I shit you not]

Since when did eating become something you are "entitled" to? People who are cutting back on food are being fiscally responsible and doing what needs to be done. --thisisdumb09

The entire food stamp program should be cancelled. I always see people in the checkout line with their vouchers paying for steaks, salmon, premium ice cream, etc., while people that work like me buy cheaper foods. --will12335

Birth control not welfare. Get sterilized, get a new GM or Chrysler car. Less future welfare for all involved. --JudgeBean

I totally agree with the shopping cart stories. I have been in line behind some female with first of the season watermelon, first of the season corn, a package of butts squeezed into the back pocket of her hot pant, and yes, she had stamps. I'm in line with a can of beans and a loaf of bread. unless you are certied disable (by other than Arroyo's doctor), no stamps - get a job and get rid of your escalades. --gooberboo
Rush must be so proud.

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