Thursday, February 5, 2009

Catfight about dogfighting wolves!

Can I get that headline in 100-point tabloid type? (Never mind that they're really strafing.)

The media love the Ashley Judd/Sarah Palin dust-up over plinking wolves from the Alaska Air Force. It gives them their favorite choice - two babes to choose from to illustrate their story.

Meanwhile, if Palin had just actually sold Frank Murkowski's plane on eBay instead of needing that aircraft broker, Alaska could buy a share of an AC-130 to really fire one up al Wolfa's fringe group butt. 'Course, they wouldn't be needing any anti-missile flares.


Anonymous said...

It's sad that protecting our animals and our environment from abuse has become so politicized.


Then again, many people are inhumane.

Why worry about an animal if you're not the one feeling the agony, pain, sadness, etc.

Animals are being used daily for human consumption, leather, stuffed in tiny cages with their beaks cut off (!) so they don't peck each other, chased from airplanes to exhaustion, and more.

And guess what, folks, I am an animal rights activist AND a fiscal conservative!!!

lovable liberal said...

OK, Anonymous, I'll bite (heh). How do you feel about Sarah Palin, fiscal conservative (to hear her tell it, anyway) and serial animal abuser?

By, the way, I'm curious - did Google send you here. I'm starting to get comments on year-old posts, and if they're coming from somewhere besides a search engine, maybe there's something I can do to encourage more of them.