Monday, February 16, 2009


Fiscally, intellectually, morally bankrupt. That's your Republican Party. They are the slimiest, whiniest, sleaziest bunch of goat fellators this side of some sci-fi planet where goat penis and ball sack breath is regarded as a sign of great inner beauty.

They're objecting to Obama changing everything on them - because that's not change they believe in. Uh, guys, we voted to throw you out of power. I realize you wanted the kind of change that wasn't change at all - new diapers, maybe. Those of us who voted for change called the tune, and you're too old and decrepit to dance it. If you can't be constructive - and this indicates that you can't - sit down and shut up.

The Republican Party created the party line vote on the stimulus bill. President Obama sought their votes with many concessions, and they negotiated in bad faith, then spurned those concessions. (Republicans and bad faith - redundant, I know.)

John McCain, you were the only Republican who had a chance of winning in 2008 after Duhbya screwed up everything in sight. You and your campaign sucked even so, and you lost to a black man by seven points. You lost Indiana, Virginia, Florida, and Ohio. You lost an electoral vote in Nebraska! You trashed your own reputation, too, and now you're following up with more bitterness. Ya think you're going to be renominated in 2012?

This is why America needs to replace its current conservative party with something else. These guys have worn out their welcome.


Anonymous said...

Funny you should talk of bankruptcy as that is just where you liberals have this country headed. Of course destroying the economy is nothing new from the communist playbook. Just make things so miserable that the public will NEED government just for “hope and change” that they will happily trade their freedom and Independence for a handout from big brother. If anyone is “slimy” it’s you liberals. Your plan is to give the store away to get elected….this requires little thought, no hard work and many broken promises. This sounds indeed slimy to me. The Conservative plan is to generate tax revenue through increased productivity spurred on by tax reductions that energize the Capitalist spirit.

You communists just sit around and scheme 24/7. With the help of the occupied media, you have sold barak obama to the American people as some kind of rock and roll version of Robin Hood. When, in reality, he’s just another crooked Chicago democrat politician that lied his way into Washington. Did I mention that he’s not even qualified to be President? Now….about that birth certificate……………..

lovable liberal said...

You're five months late! But good job spouting substance-free bullshit straight from Rush.

Every word you say is a lie, including 'the' and 'and'.