Friday, February 20, 2009

Gov. Patrick's message on the gas tax

There's a lot of meat here missing from the Globe's story. I particularly value the breakdown of where Deval proposes to spend the revenue:

  • 4 cents to roll back the toll increase on the Turnpike and Tunnels;
  • 6 cents to maintain existing MBTA services, and avoid fare increases over the next few years;
  • 1.5 cents to Regional Transit Authorities;
  • 1.5 cents to targeted regional road projects;
  • 3 cents to southern, western and northern rail projects;
  • 1 cent for innovative gas and toll solutions;
  • And 2 cents to begin to stop the costly practice of paying for transportation personnel from capital funds
There's also a portal to the Patrick administration's transportation plans here.

By the way, if that 1 cent for "innovative gas and toll solutions" is for GPS-surveilled mileage taxes, I'm still against that part of the plan.

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