Sunday, February 15, 2009

And the truth will set you giggling

Here's Bobblespeak, which I heard of on Sadly No, and which Atrios is apparently already linking to. But, hell, I'm going ahead:

Reporter: but the pork!

Obama: ha ha ha yeah coming from the party of waste fraud and abuse and big spending and debts I want to laugh at them, cry and then tell them to fuck off

Obama: I hear Republicans say why would you weatherize a building when you throw that money out of an airplane in a foreign country

Reporter: right

Obama: it's like they take pride in being ignorant!
Politics is in large part the character and practice of being polite when a fair and justified response would be to call your adversaries by appropriately dismissive, hysterical bitch-slapping names. The real Obama has mastered not saying the above, but as smart as he is, he must think it pretty often.

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