Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Promiscuously stupid

Piling on: Atrios and aimai have hit this already, but...

Dave Schultheis (R-Ultrawest Damfino) is very conservative, but he's well within the mainstream of the Republican Party. He is a little more doctrinaire about abortion than many - no exception for rape or incest, much less something so namby-pamby as the life of the mother, and no emergency contraception. But he's completely orthodox on gays, guns, and god. He's a through and through Republican on immigration, low taxes, and his opposition to any sex at all that doesn't try to make babies:

If government tolerates [just] any type of sexual behavior, then it will cease to defend proper and necessary sexual behavior.
(Yes, he needs editing, too, but don't we all.)

Schultheis is well-versed in Republican doublethink. The twit can manage to twitter this about letting infants be infected by HIV as they're born:
Should government be used to ameliorate the negative consequences of immoral behavior. I say NO.
Yet this is his article of his faith about the unborn:
The inconvenience for the mother in the coming nine months, and the resulting life care of the child must be recognized. Nevertheless, all life is precious even when it results from tragic circumstances.
The epsilon between prohibitions on partial birth abortion and unconcern for the live born is, as wingnut calculus demands, ever smaller.

The fact that Schultheis has many supporters and is not a raving lone lunatic like Ted Kaczynski doesn't mean he's not a raving, frothing wingnut loon. That is a problem for the survival of America as one nation.

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