Saturday, February 14, 2009

Nobody even read it!

All over the wingnuttosphere, idiot dopes are finding today's argument of convenience is that no one even read the stimulus bill. They didn't worry about this sort of nicety when that good man, Darth Cheney, was taking care of things for them. But, come to find out, it's the content of the bill that they actually object to, so someone must have read enough of it.

Look, they had weeks to read the bill while the President and Congress were writing it, debating it, and amending it. Then, they had a conference report that reconciled differences between the House bill and the Senate bill, and they only had to skim that for changes, not read the whole goddamn bill from the beginning.

The wingnuts have no idea how the process even works. Even if they did, they wouldn't let that knowledge get in the way of being stupid ditto-heads.

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