Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dolly Parton's boobs

Any time you can get Dolly Parton and even one 'boob' into a headline, you can bet somewhere in our tabloid media, someone will thrust the, uh, disinfotainment. Comedy gold! And the cherry on top is a menstruation joke.

Really, I just can't make this bullshit up by myself. I'm just glad to have the help of journalists everywhere.

Update (2/11): I can't claim with faux innocence that I didn't expect traffic from searches looking for an even better view than this baby is getting. But seriously...

Update (2/20): Still getting traffic, useless traffic I'm sure, but imagine if I had said, "Scarlett Johansson's boobs." Then I'd still be getting traffic long after I'm dead. Anne Hathaway's boobs? Even better for the googled acquisition of page views by non-readers. This is what newspapers do when they forget that their core audience is not the people who want a little bullshit from their cable news stations, but rather readers who actually want factual (i.e. boring) news reporting.

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Anonymous said...
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lovable liberal said...

Comment spam deleted. You'll have to find your Internet porn the old-fashioned way - with Google.