Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lava bombs

Bobby Jindal opened his mouth and inserted a tasty treat of lava on a stick. The governor of Louisiana - a state that everyone knows has received billions for its category 3 levees, dams, and pumps even if it needed category 5 and mucky piles of wetlands conservation - tries to stoke a little resentment over $140 million for monitoring active volcanoes that unambiguously threaten human lives in other states.

This is part and parcel of the Republican way: Pick out some small piece of a Democratic appropriation that they can gin up into something that looks bad - and never mind whether it's really a good thing. What's important is the craven political use of the bullshit image.

Congressional Republicans tried this last week when they decried marsh mouse conservation funding in the stimulus bill - when it in fact was not in the bill at all!

Now, rather than admit error, Jindal is doubling down. His chief of staff stands firm on his pedestal of bullshit:

"That was just one example of wasteful spending in the largest government spending bill in history," Teepell said. "The governor made it clear that we need to grow jobs, not government."
These people are morons. No, that's not it. These people think we're morons.

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