Saturday, November 15, 2008

Winning lies

California Prop 8 passed narrowly on the basis of lies. You don't have to believe me. There it is above in living color.

  • Prop 8 = Religious Freedom as long as you choose our religious view
  • Prop 8 = Less Government if by less you mean more prohibitions
  • Prop 8 = Free Speech which was never in question
In addition, it has been well documented that proponents claimed that churches would be required marry same sex spouses, which has never been advocated by anyone I've ever heard.

Even more outrageous: The proponents made their appeal through the conservative churches, but now they want to go back to their media immunity from criticism.

Sorry, thumpers, ain't happenin'. Religion is welcome in the public square, but you'll have to take your lumps like the rest of us. You want to venture outside the sacred? You'll get the profane, too.

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