Saturday, November 8, 2008

Why Lieberman is out

He said this:

Attending an event with Mr. McCain in York, Pa., in August, Mr. Lieberman said the race was “between one candidate, John McCain, who has always put the country first, worked across party lines to get things done, and one candidate who has not.”
My magnanimity is waning. I have nothing against the horse Joe rode in on. Joe, on the other hand, ...

A lot of people are kissing ass now. They think one little pruny-lipped peck is enough. In reality, they owe some serious and continuing open-mouthed smooching, so much that it really looks as though they like it. Joe? I don't even want to be as crude as to say what he has to do.


mc said...

I agree with you on Joe's fate, he made his bed.

I believe he was genuine and honest in the choices he made. I had many disagreements with his policies but I voted for him because there is such a dearth of candor now that everything is run by focus groups and lying is a targeted science.

Can't we demand better individuals than Reid, Pelosi and the rest?

On both sides of the aisle?

I want Ted Stephens gone and never want the likes of Daschle again.

Of course I believe in privacy, balanced budgets, limiting welfare and crucifying corrupt politicians like Dodd and Stephens alike.

I hate to say it but you will see that the cult leader Obama has lied to us all, he is the consummate Chicago Pol.

lovable liberal said...

So, one Republican felon against a bunch of duly elected Democrats you don't like...

Yeah, you would think that was an even trade.

The problem with Reid and Pelosi is that they're not slapping Republicans down hard enough that they'll remember it next time. And if you didn't like Daschle, who was waaay too sweet for his own good, you've probably ODed on Rush, and you know that's abuse of a controlled substance.