Friday, November 14, 2008

Couldn't lead a dog on a leash

With Duhbya still in charge, the United States is deeply at risk, yet Bushists are complaining about Obama filling the leadership vacuum:

"He is immediately muscling his way into power," complains former Bush speechwriter David Frum. "Barack Obama said at his first press conference that the US has only one president at a time. He didn't say who that president was."
Stop whining you stupid git. Don't pretend you're so fond of self-service colonoscopy that you can't tell what Obama was saying - and did say. If your guy hadn't screwed the pooch in every possible way, he would still have enough of a reservoir of good will to perform his lame duck caretaker role for eleven weeks. But Duhbya is a total, disastrous loss, and it's a blessing that Obama has the sense to step in symbolically before he can step in in reality. The alternative is for all of us together to step even further into the deepest shit the Republicans can extrude.

These Republicans are like the 12-year-old neighborhood dipshit who throws rocks at you and your friends and then runs home to mommy for protection. Nothing's ever his fault, but you are always somehow at fault for being such an inviting target.

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