Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Just hypothetically

Put yourself in Alaska's position. When would you vote in favor of a convicted felon?

No, never is not the answer I'm looking for. There are worse choices than a felon, though not often. Edwin Edwards, whatever the state of his rap sheet at the time of election, was better than the repellent racist David Duke.

Alaska has now made its choice not to re-elect a convicted felon. By a hair over one percent. A hundred and forty-seven thousand Alaskans thought that patronage hack and convicted felon Ted Stevens should be re-elected because at least he wasn't a Democrat, and you know they'll bring the end of ... what, exactly?

Of course, I wouldn't expect the felon to acknowledge defeat any more than he has acknowledged his convictions.

For all us boys and girls keeping score at home, that's 58-40. Is Joe Lieberman in Georgia yet?

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