Monday, November 10, 2008

Spines like overcooked spaghetti

The Republicans have their eyes on the money - billions for their friends and fellow crony capitalists.

"It's just like after September 11. Back then no one wanted to be seen as not patriotic, and now no one wants to be seen as not doing all they can to save the financial system," said Lee A. Sheppard, a tax attorney who is a contributing editor at the trade publication Tax Analysts. "We're left now with congressional Democrats that have spines like overcooked spaghetti. So who is going to stop the Treasury secretary from doing whatever he wants?"
In a just world, Congress would immediately impeach Henry Paulson.

We don't live in a just world. We live in a world where Bushists do whatever they damn well please and dare anyone to stop them. And, by the way, this is what Republicans mean by bipartisanship.

(h/t Barry Ritholtz)


mc said...

How can you not understand that the Dems and Republicans are both crooked?

lovable liberal said...

Look at the evidence. While there are certainly crooked Dems - Dianne Wilkerson - most of the really bad crooks are Republicans. And the guys who have subverted the Constitution for 8 years? All GOP.