Thursday, November 13, 2008

Conscious infliction of pain

It is essential for America as a force for good to take a long, hard look at the evil the Bushists have done in our name. The investigation will hurt, but, like surgery for cancer, it has to be done for our ideals to survive.

If Duhbya's pre-emptive stroke is to issue a blanket pardon, I only hope naively that we can learn to prevent that the next time:

[W]e should also prohibit the President from pardoning or commuting the sentence of any member of his (or her) administration who was high enough to be confirmed by Congress or who is yet a potential witness to an investigation of a confirmed appointee. Accountability! It's a bitch, baby. Again, too late for the Bushist crime syndicate, but we should at least learn the right lessons from the mugging they've given us.

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Vermont Woodchuck said...

Out of context, but I wanted to say I agree with your comment up at NER about bonuses.