Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote today

... and hope that someone counts your vote.

Today is a turning point. Be a part of it.

See you at the victory parties. If I'm not too hung over, I'll resume regular posting tomorrow.


mc said...

I also do not trust the electronic voting methods.

Having said that why can't we verify a person's identity for their vote. The actual vote can remain anonymous, we just need to know they are not voting as a dead person or are in the country illegally etc.

I work in the inner city and have for over 15 years and "voter intimidation" is bullshit, lax identification is all about fraud. I have seen it first hand.

Every fraudulent vote from either side risks the whole house of cards that is civilization. If I ever knew someone that voted twice or facilitated it I would injure them. Then I would help them get better and injure them worse.

lovable liberal said...

If voter intimidation is bullshit, why do Republicans do it every national election?

If you're afraid of vote fraud, you should never go outside, lest you be struck by lightning, which is much more common.