Sunday, March 8, 2009

Strange fruit

Vicious, stupid bigotry from the extremes of American society (Anonymous at March 8th, 2009 11:18 am ET):

Making fun of [Meghan McCain] is terrible. What about the two nigglets in the White House? They'd look nice swinging from a tree, not on a swing.
This justifies a referral to the Secret Service, even if there's little chance of ever finding the bilious punk who posted it.

There's another issue worth raising: CNN moderates comments. They don't do it based on intelligence or insight. Abject stoopidity gets through all the time. SHOUTING, no problem. Raving illiteracy? Gotta have it - and I don't mean just third grade spelling mistakes.

They really don't like media criticism. This comment of mine is probably in moderation purgatory for all eternity:
Our media, focused on the really, really important things 'n' stuff.
Now CNN is letting through vile racism that proposes the lynching of the Obama girls, ages 7 and 10! (Anyone remember Birmingham?) I suspect they'll eventually kill the offensive comment, but that's too little too late.

At least other commenters are objecting. I'm against involuntary unemployment in general, but in this case I'd happily make an exception.

Update (3/9): CNN catches up:
Editor's Note: Comments violating CNN guidelines have been removed from this post along with the accompanying responses.
In the process, they conveniently suppress the outrage and their own culpability. No mention of any disciplinary actions they've taken...

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