Sunday, March 22, 2009

Peabody Award nomination

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I finally caught up on the Jon Stewart/CNBC foofaraw. Like Garry Trudeau before him, Stewart is the best journalist in America, never mind that he's in comedy.

Stewart ripped Cramer several new assholes, yet Cramer kept right on temporizing after being caught in lie after lie. Stewart expects honesty even if it's just a knowing wink at his own satirical or serious bias, he resents being lied to, and he's smarter and better prepared than anyone else on TV. Cramer falls lamely back to the Rush Limbaugh excuse that he's just an entertainer and to the big media excuse that, boo-hoo, his sources lied to him. Did he ever out even one of them when a lie became too obvious for even the willing naif poseur to deny?

Because Stewart said 'fuck' a few times, the journalistic awards will no doubt ignore him. But let me say this: That's why we as a polity are so thoroughly fucked up. Showing the truth is no longer job one for so-called journalists. Nope, conveying the bullshit is their job.

If the Peabody Awards are not up to recognizing Stewart's contribution, we're going to need some new awards. But wouldn't it be a joy if Stewart received the award that Bill O'Reilly could only fantasize (ugh!) about!

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