Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Help for Republicans

If you're a Republican and you've blundered into this hostile territory, I want you to feel welcome, so as a public service to you, I'm providing an important link through which you, too, can apologize to Rush Limbaugh:

Every Republican who's anyone is doing it. Here's your opportunity to express your love for Big Fat Brother before you offend him. (You haven't offended him, have you?) Just click the image above and do your duty.

Dittoheads are of course exempt. It's not Rush they owe an apology. And why aren't all you Republicans dittoheads? Why would you try to think for yourselves even accidentally? You haven't been talking to liberals lately? Or reading liberal blogs! Like this one or CNN (which all loyal dittoes believe is flaming left only because they are sooo far right).

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