Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kick 'em when they're down

John Boehner decries the Limbaugh fun that we Democrats are having. He rends his clothing (not really - such expensive suits) about how awful it is that we're doing this while we're also spending money for some other reason than to blow shit up.

Boehner's writing about it, so I'm happy, despite his starting with a lie that dishonestly compares money already spent on the aforementioned exploding shit with money merely appropriated. Our commitments that will come due from war will last fifty years.

Still, keep at it John. The more news cycles it's in the media, the better for us. He even used the phrase "party of no" in reference to the GOP. Did they fire the whole RNC talking points operation?

And I see old fascist bastard Richard Viguerie is stepping up to back Rush in the Republican asshole sweepstakes.

Except for that nagging economy, things are mighty fine!

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