Thursday, March 12, 2009

Evening of November 4

Levi Johnston admits what was obvious from the start. His relationship to Bristol Palin after knocking her up was a shotgun engagement. Since then, he has washed out of everything he has tried. Now he's the perfect example on all scores of trailer trash. He'll blow all the short money from the paperback deal on crystal meth. At least he got to meet John McCain and stuff!

Truth is Bristol is better off without him - one baby to care for at her age is already too much for her tender years - but she also needs to escape her mother's narcissistic fishbowl.

Update: CNN's comments suggest that a good percentage of the whole world could see through the fraudulent engagement.

Another inspired realization: Wingnuts think we liberals are being over-the-top nasty to them if we merely tell them some truth that they don't want to hear.

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