Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New wingnut commandment

Thou shalt not ridicule anyone but especially not Rush Limbaugh!

According to a CNN commenter who calls herself barbara (March 4th, 2009 10:24 am ET):

I find it appauling that american citizens joke and make fun of people at any time but for the dems to TWIST Rush's words and then make a website to poke fun at hime and others is enough to make me sick.
Joking and making fun! "Appauling." What's next? Happiness? Sex? Damn, I'm going to break yet another goddamn commandment to say this: Those social outcasts in middle school who do not learn the lessons of ridicule are condemned to be ridiculed repeatedly.

But there's more:
I heard what Rush said with both of my ears clear of gook. He said, and I totally agree, that he wants obama to fail IF IT MEANS THAT OBAMAS SOCIALIST POLICIES WILL TAKE HOLD.
Is that a slur? How did the VC get into your ears? What have they been whispering to you?

Babs, baby, I think you're a dumbshit if the VC have been in your ears. See how this excuse works: Rush says some obvious nonsense in a conditional and you use it as an excuse for what he actually meant, which was this: He'd rather have a depression than for measures to succeed that he opposes ideologically. Of course, you uneducated numbskulls think anything that the government has to spend tax revenue to do is socialism.
I know for a fact that all you liberal dems heard the same thing but you twist it and then put it out to the illiterate knwoing that they will believe anything you say because they are too stupid to question you. This was very obvious during the primaries. the way that you go about even implementing this plan is straight out of the socialist handbook.
If our target were the illiterate, we'd put out something you could understand. And, damn, where did I put my socialist handbook? No, it's not next to my dad's Boy Scout Handbook. No, not next to The Joy of Sex. Where could it be!
you make fun of people. does that fix out economic problems? does it allow you to put on your table?gas in your car? pay for medicines? etc? to do something like this is to get the lemmings away form even thinking about the very real problems that we face.
Personally, I refuse to put on my table, regardless of the dress code. (Duhbya, you sure you didn't steal your mom's identity to make this comment?) Rush's solution to the economic decline: Let the corporations do ... anything they want. How's that working out so far?
you liberal dems make me sick and guess what? next year when your followers do their taxes and see that they have actually LOST money,…they wont be mad at bush they will be mad at obama and rightfully so. people will get poorer and these poor folks will vote republican in 2010 and 2012. just watch.
You, like, totally missed the chance to insert one of Rush's favorite talking points ("oh, i fergott, you lie-berals dont have jobs, so your dont have to pay taxs" illiteracy added for authenticity). It cracks me up that he makes this point to a daytime audience that doesn't appear to work.

Barbara, since you missed this obvious talking point, you need to go back to dittohead kindergarten (the highest level, but still tough to pass for most of the class).

Poor folks voting Republican, there's an irony whose time has passed.

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