Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dead network walking

Man, that is going to leave a mark. A wicked red, livid oozing mark. Like laying down a bike at 60 mph.


Karl said...

How pathetic that you cite a comedy network and its most ridiculous host as a source that actually has merit in the ongoing economic and political debate in this country. Why would Santelli, who is a life-long Democrat FYI, specializing in stock trading, want or need to appear on a comedy show? What purpose would it serve?

You are projecting again, you are making the assumption that the way you live your life is the way most people are. This is not true.

Have a nice day!

lovable liberal said...

Santelli's rant was stupid and it played to exactly the people who are least justified in objecting to help for anyone. Jon Stewart nailed his satire. My guess is that Santelli realized he was up against someone much smarter than he and that's why he punted his promise to appear. Oops. Too late.

The only thing I'm projecting is images on your screen. What did I say at all about how people live their lives?