Monday, March 9, 2009

Can't even see the trees

The ability of wingnuts to see meanings exactly the opposite of what reality shows them never ceases to amaze me. Here's LizWalkner47 (March 09, 6:03 AM), though no woman could be as bitchy as "she" is, commenting on the tragic and violent death of a woman caught in an escalator in an MBTA station:

This is what happens when you put your faith in the government to keep you out of harm's way. This woman is dead because no one was prepared, and everyone expected the government to do their jobs for them.

When are people going to realize that they are on their own?
This is a clear case of individual people failing, as we so often do, to live up to the social contract. As a result, Liz wants less of a social contract.

Another commenter, felixzeiler (March 09, 7:12 AM), nails "her":
You're right, LizWalkner. We should all have been carrying guns so we could shoot her free from the escalator.

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Anonymous said...

No. Someone should have been carrying a sharp knife. Someone should have been watching what was going on so to notice that woman having difficulty, and should have immediately acted. Someone should have prepared themselves for the possibility that their services might be needed in such a situation instead of assuming that some official would do it instead. That means carrying a cell phone, a knife, maybe a small pry bar, and other tools that might come in handy.

Please answer this question if you can: if you were choking to death on that escalator, would you rather have the guy standing next to you cutting you free with a knife that he was carrying in his pocket, or would you rather wait for someone to call an MBTA employee, a cop or a firefighter who is ten minutes away to help?

BTW, the gun comment was just plain stupid. If someone was being raped or beaten, the gun might have been appropriate, but using a gun in this case would be like using a payloader to slice a pie for Thanksgiving dinner.