Sunday, March 1, 2009


David Sirota has a good piece up on Salon on the prospects for Republican populism in the 2010 election cycle. It's good, though even this is too temperate for the likes of me:

[W]hile many Democrats joined in the kleptocracy, the Republican Party was the primary force behind almost every regressive tax cut, crony contract, rigged trade deal, deregulation scheme, corporate welfare handout and "elite bill" that became law over the last three decades. The idea that the GOP's Nottingham sheriffs have genuinely become Robin Hoods might be plausible in a burlesque subtitled "Men in Tights" -- but this is real life, not a Mel Brooks spoof.
I've posted my opinion there, but the title here sums it up. Here's a sample:
The wealthies run things, and they won't give that up. Ever. So any populism the Republicans may advocate will always be a lie, sorry, marketing.

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