Sunday, May 25, 2008

Zero-child policy

The tragedy of 60,000 dead in Sichuan is compounded by the number of schoolchildren killed in the collapse of their shoddy schools. Since the schools of peasants collapsed and not the better built ones of the well-connected elite, almost all of the bereaved parents have no other children.

Revolutions have started for less.


Anonymous said...

Hey, at least they aren't getting shot. Our schools
are nothing but overcrowded baby sitting stations for illegal immigrants... our teachers are under paid, their hands are tied with political red tape and they are also in the line of fire.

Societies have crumbled for far less than that.
And pumping out people who are too dumb to realize it.

Anonymous said...

....ohhhh by the way.... the next generation of Americans.... probably won't know where China is on a map. They will only know that that the Chinese are sexy ... because they have so many people. - Probably taught in Sex Ed. - Ohhh ... I don't mean to generalize Our country's educational system in a negative way...
I'm sure there are many good students and teachers.

I'm just waiting to hear some good news, 'bout education????

lovable liberal said...

You should stay anonymous because you're obviously an idiot. Crushed under slabs of substandard concrete is better than to be a student in an American public school? Despicable.