Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hard disk forensics

Another Republican political appointee who reports to Duhbya has been caught with his pants down - but only figuratively. It appears that he was trying to make sure his computers provided no evidence against him, by wiping "deleted" files from their disks. (You do know that your deleted files are all still sitting out there until something overwrites them, don't you? Even after that, there may still be digital palimpsests that linger for CSI to look at.)

Here's the thing: Scott Bloch paid his geeks with an agency credit card. Please! Don't these morons know anything about covering things up. Really, Eliot Spitzer knew more than Bloch, just not enough. I'm surprised that the RNC doesn't have committed conservative geeks on retainer.

Well, this beats the hell out of the hard dick forensics that the wingnuts concentrated on when Bill Clinton was President.

The big question: What of the many things it could be was he hiding?

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