Monday, May 26, 2008

John Yoo, professional bullshitter

John Yoo wrote Orwellian memos about torture and wiretapping that are only convincing to idiots who accept the redefinition of clear words on his whim. The law? The Constitution? 'Exclusive'? They mean whatever bullshitting legal whores like Yoo claim they mean, no matter how implausible.

Boalt Hall, the University of California Berkeley's law school, should be ashamed to employ anyone with so little respect for the purpose and mechanics of law. If a fucking dipshit like him (and I don't care whether he has the imprimatur of Harvard and Yale) can redefine the law to suit the lust for power of current and future Bushists, what's the point of calling anything "law"?

If you think my language is too rude, think about the fact that the people who started our country earned the freedom to write the Constitution after using something a lot sterner than 'whore', 'dipshit', or 'fucking'. They used bullets, grapeshot, and cannonballs. They killed redcoats, Torys, and Hessian mercenaries. They risked their own lives and in some cases lost them. But John Yoo and the Bushists think they can wash that all away with a few keystrokes.

(h/t David Kurtz at TPMMuckraker)

Image used in conscious violation of copyright law because I've decided in this case that it doesn't apply to me.

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