Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Brainwashed, I tell ya

Scott McClellan now tells us that it was all true:

  • He lied to us, though - poor baby - he didn't know it at the time.
  • Rove and Libby conspired to get their stories straight on Valerie Plame.
  • Duhbya's (mal-)administration was a propaganda operation, not a policy operation.
  • The Iraq campaign marketed lies to us.
  • America would have been better of if we did have a liberal media.
One question: When your country needed you, Scotty, where were you?

Update: See Glenn Greenwald.

Update: Wolf Blitzer exhibits his usual bulldog grip on reality. As if.


Anonymous said...

Brainwashed? Just remember... Bill Clinton Bombed Iraq Long Before Bush did... For the same reasons:
WMDs, Biological weapons, Nuclear Weapons...on and on.

But hey, should have known better... Clinton is a deceiver.

lovable liberal said...

A few of us could tell that Duhbya was full of crap, but no one listened. His case was obviously weak, and it was obvious that he had no intention of pursuing the inspections that were not finding any weapons - because Bill Clinton made containment work. Duhbya and the neocons wanted to go into Iraq, and by damn they did.

Anonymous said...

Containment Worked???
Uhhhh yeah. How many Iraqi's starved and died During this "So Called "Containment" food for Oil Embargo Even Madeline Albright said it is worth 500,000 iraqi Deaths... how many Times did the UN Inspections get denied. Containment... sounds more like Iraqi blood for oil and Saddam's continued defiance of the world.

Anonymous said...

So did Bill Clinton Bomb Iraq For WMDs or Not???
Answer that...

None of this Containment "Smoke and Mirrors"

Just answer the Question?

lovable liberal said...

Hey, it's my blog. I pick the subjects, not you. Get your own blog if you think Bill Clinton targeted WMDs when bombing Iraq.

Clinton enforced the no-fly zone. He bombed AA emplacements and radar stations and occasionally a piece of infrastructure.

If you're so damn concerned about the Iraqis, why are more of them dead in the last five years? Why don't you care about Darfur? Why didn't you (or Clinton) care about Rwanda?

You're full of Dan Barlett, my anonymous poster.

Anonymous said...

Typical liberal reply... can't answer a simple question...
Did Clinton Bombed Iraq For WMDs .... Fact or Fiction??? Was it 1998? Look it up...ask General Zinni... he should know???

Anonymous said...

I'll answer it for you... Transcript: President Clinton explains Iraq strike

CLINTON: Good evening.

Earlier today, I ordered America's armed forces to strike military and security targets in Iraq. They are joined by British forces. Their mission is to attack Iraq's nuclear, chemical and biological weapons programs and its military capacity to threaten its neighbors.

Their purpose is to protect the national interest of the United States, and indeed the interests of people throughout the Middle East and around the world.

Saddam Hussein must not be allowed to threaten his neighbors or the world with nuclear arms, poison gas or biological weapons...1998

lovable liberal said...

Did containment work, you Kool-Aid-drinking dope? Did Saddam ever hit us? Ever? Do you still believe the Bushist Fox News innuendo that Saddam was involved in 9/11? Probably.

Clinton had not had inspectors on the ground for some time. Duhbya (your intellectual hero!) did, but he wanted to go to war, so he ignored the fact that they found nothing.

In the world of you idjit neocons, evidence doesn't matter. In the real world, our soldiers get killed because you can't be bothered with facts.

You've also managed to screw up in Afghanistan. Your incompetence is only exceeded by your arrogance.

I've got a question for you: Did Bill Clinton invade, or is bombing a different response than sending a $3 trillion invasion?

Anonymous said...

So did Bill Clinton Bomb Iraq for WMDS or Not.... Answer the question????

Or do I have to Call you a name????

Anonymous said...

Just out of Curiosity.... Did Adolph Hitler ever hit us?

Anonymous said...

War Deaths (US Soldiers) Historical

WWI - Pres. Wilson (Demorat) - 116,000 Dead
WWII - FD Roosevelt (Demorat) - 405,000 Dead
Korean War - Truman (Demorat) - 36,000 Dead
Vietnam - JFK/Johnson (Demorats) - 58,000 Dead

Looks like Demorat Presidents have sent a lot of US Soldiers in harms way...I guess I can't be bothered by the Facts.

But it takes a former soldier to know this.

lovable liberal said...

Assuming you Anons are all the same but can't organize your "thoughts" enough to leave one comment:

You capitalize like a German, but you write like a troll! Pleased to have you. Every blog needs a troll.

Maybe if you had a blog, I'd go troll it. But of course no one would read your badly written nonsense. Hint: Try getting through a single comment without using any two periods or question marks in a row.

One thing: We have a military. We're going to have to send soldiers into harm's way, and some of them will die. The real secret for a democracy is to send them when we have to, not to attack Mexico when the Japanese bomb Pearl.

Oh, and don't be stupid. Hitler declared war on us when we declared war on Japan. But I guess since Democrats were in office, you wouldn't have wanted to fight the other wars.

You sound like the bastard spawn of (Viagra) Bob Dole and Ann Coulter (ugh!) talking about "Demorat wars".

Anonymous said...

You can't answer a question. HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHHAAA

Typical liberal Al Gore Loser!!!!!

Once again, Did Bill Clinton Bomb Iraq For WMDs?

Maybe, if you'd answer a question and answer it right.
You might get more readers here. If it wasn't for trolls like me. You'd be talking to yourself and you bottle of viagra!

lovable liberal said...

Ooh, smart comeback about the viagra (sic) - the one time you left off a capital letter, but no big deal.

Your writing suggests high school age, so you won't need Viagra until a few years from now, when you're fat and bald. What you need is a woman (or a man, if you're into that). I'm not sure anyone can help with that.

Anonymous said...

You have such a keen perception about your bloggers.
It is almost like you are psychic or something?
Or do you just generalize and "name call" when you can't answer a simple question?

Too bad you can't answer a question, you are too concerned about grammar.

Once again, Did Bill Clinton Bomb Iraq For WMDs?

Do you dislike overweight & bald people?
You must be full of hatred and like all the other hate filled demorats I know... too bad Obama doesn't even have a chance with his own party.

lovable liberal said...

Tu quoque, pal. Look it up, Bushist. All the sins you accuse me of, you exhibit.

You haven't mastered the correct use of a single question mark either, but I'm glad to see you taking my advice not to use four or five where one will do!

Anonymous said...

You still can't answer the question?

Once again, Did Bill Clinton Bomb Iraq For WMDs?

Also, another question; When did Al Queda declare war on the U.S.?

P.S. Thanks for all the Pro Bono grammar lessons.

lovable liberal said...

Problem is they're not taking, though the bigger problem is that you need logic lessons, a common malady of Bushists.

Anonymous said...

I love this! I may have some grammar issues; however, your grammatical errors are far worse.

Plus, you are not intelligent enough to answer a simple question. It's not a question of logic, it's a question of fact.

Too bad you are so brainwashed with your liberal talking points that you got from idiots like Mike Malloy, Al Franken, Stephanie Miller etc... You can't even develop your own thoughts based on fact.
Are those pundits must be your mental crutch!

It is apparent you you are not a free thinker.

Maybe someday, I will find a blogspot that has some merit. You are just a demorat bash puppet that simply echoes and drools stupid nonsense.

I must laugh. Talk to you later, Have a nice day
and do continue listening to NPR.

Looks like another sad brainwashed American.

lovable liberal said...

Hey, your capitalization is much better. You're still not very cogent, but education is a process of small steps and a-ha moments.

Why don't you educate me on Mike Malloy. I've never even heard of him. Is he stealing my material?

One thing though: You just presented, oh, 150 words or so, and you failed to present a single substantive argument.

Go Duhbya! Librulz baaad. That's your level. Be happy with it or seek further learning, the choice is yours.

lovable liberal said...

Here's a fun quote apropos of this comment thread:

Anthony Zinni, the Marine general who commanded the air assault in the first Gulf War, also had doubts. "Up until Desert Fox, I believed that [Saddam] had WMD," he told authors Derek Chollet and James Goldgeier. "Then Clinton said we would bomb the WMD sides. I asked the intelligence community for the targets, but they couldn’t give me any. Nothing they gave me was definitively a WMD target. They were all dual-use. That’s when my doubts began."