Monday, May 12, 2008

Fish story

Republicans say that they want to protect the franchise to lawful voters by requiring proof of citizenship when registering and proof of identity when voting. Superficially, there's nothing wrong with this.

The problem is that they always draw their bills in a way that will exclude many thousands of lawful voters while catching at most a handful of ineligible cheaters. A photo ID is a perfectly reasonable requirement - if your voter registrars can provide them without a side trip across town, something that's obviously very inconvenient for anyone who doesn't have a driver's license. And that's the population we're talking about.

It's as if the Republicans are claiming that they don't want to catch the tuna; they really only want to catch the dolphins. But they're going to use a tuna net anyway.

And they expect us to believe that they're fishing for the by-catch.

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