Friday, May 30, 2008

But we killed that story!

Scott McClellan's book is really confusing Wolf Blitzer. How could Scotty bring up Duhbya's cocaine use when the story was "dormant"?!

Long before 9/11, the press gave Duhbya a complete pass on his youth. The vague spin-mantra of the Bushists ("young and irresponsible" times two) made it completely clear that either Duhbya had snorted nose candy or had done something even more damaging to his electability.

Remind me, Wolf, did the media quash Bill Clinton's youthful indiscretions? Oh, sure, that was his fault. "I didn't inhale" just wasn't the sort of spin-mantra that dead-ends questions. It's the Democrats' fault!

But what about the draft-dodging? Who got in more trouble about that?

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