Saturday, May 31, 2008

Coming attractions

"Obama has disowned every minister, pastor, or priest he has ever known. How can he claim to be a Christian?" Wait for it. Drudge or some other wingnut will find this nugget.

Why is Obama responsible for every word spoken by every person he has ever spent time with or worked with? He has worked with Republicans, too. Is he responsible for every lunatic thing they've ever said?

It's also ironic that Bill Donohue claims the Catholic League defends free speech for Catholics by criticizing a Catholic priest for his speech!


Anonymous said...

Being critical of speech is good. I believe a response is a form of free speech. I think the Catholic league has every right to be to offer any response they want.

Obama should convert to Catholicism, He'd never walk away. JFK was Catholic - he was great!

Unfortunately, actions speak louder than words.
Walking away or leaving something behind unfinished,
is a bigger problem. Does Obama plan to disown our country if a problem arises?

lovable liberal said...

Sure, the Catholic League can be hypocritical. Why not?

You're welcome to evangelize Obama (or me) for Catholicism. You seem to have a lot of time on your hands. Go for it.

Of course, the Secret Service may think you're a loon, but you're probably harmless.