Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mean Joe Biden

Joe Biden obviously should be a reader of mine. Bullshit is the perfect word to describe Duhbya's tired old appeasement crap.

Still, while it's normal to be outraged, it's much better to mock him and to remind voters why they already hate his guts. I'd go with something like:

"George Duhbya Bush's tired, ugly, dishonest comments yesterday remind all Americans how much better off we will be when his Republican Presidency is over. Then we Americans can once again get past his habitual juvenile name-calling to the real business of solving problems."

Harry Reid actually sounds pretty good. Now if we can just get the rest of the caucus on the same message.


Dean said...

One should remember that Hitler gained power during a depression, where racism and nationalism was used to justify mistreatment of a people of different race and religion.

If anyone should be compared to that leader, it should be a man who condones torture of enemies, who appeals to nationalism to push policies to monitor and oppress citizens, who rationalizes invading other countries on false premises, and who uses religious and racial differences to justify it all.

What is scary is how many people actually subscribe to such behavior, and believe it rational. But history shows that this is exactly how such situations occur, are justified. Methinks Mr. Bush is not really a student of history - he only cherry picks concepts that he thinks can support his madness.

lovable liberal said...

Right you are, Dean. Don't forget also an overwhelming sense of grievance and the refusal to accept the verdict of a past war.

The inability of the Weimar Republic to respond to the Nazis also mattered, just as today's Democrats often fail to stand firm. My item was about effective rhetoric against the scurrilous Bushists. I'm basically saying don't get mad, get even, and save the anger for motivating your response.

Of course, the Bushist Republicans are not Nazis, but they have little respect for any democratic process that they can't manipulate toward their goals, no matter how unpopular.

I do think we've passed the worst danger point, although the coup in slow motion against the Constitution still stands unopposed, so maybe we've only passed the danger point for domestic violence, and tyranny is still a risk.