Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wicked busy

Normal posting should resume soon. I've been wicked busy - as we say in the blessedly true blue state of Massachusetts - and I'm still tired and scattered from the Democratic Party GOTV effort over the past four days. (Yes, the coordinated campaign wanted Friday too, which would have been a fifth day. I just couldn't give it to them.)

I did work 35 hours over two days, and I blasted through election day on one hour of sleep, which is undignified for someone my age. I only bonked once, in the early afternoon when I needed to improvise past the breakdown of computerized turf generation, and my sleep-deprived brain balked. But we cut down the door lists manually and, by mid-afternoon, had most of our lists back out in the hands of volunteers to call and canvass voters who hadn't cast their ballots yet.

It was worth it. We won here with Rep. Jim McGovern and Gov. Deval Patrick against the standard Republican extremist Marty Lamb (buh-bye) and a stealthier, more corporate (and admittedly sane) Charlie Baker, while Democrats all across the middle of the country got whacked. Nearly all the local Democratic legislators won re-election too.

So I can exhale with satisfaction, not just relief, that this election is finally in the books.

Collecting lawn signs from around town tonight required no thinking, just a little animal navigation, and that was an enjoyable relief.


globeisatrocious said...

Felicitations!!! Double your efforts in 2 years, SVP!! As General Clinton exclaimed after Bunker Hill, "It was a dear bought victory, another such would have ruined us."

globeisatrocious said...

Hey! Your efforts were duly noted:

lovable liberal said...

You wingnuts sure do whine when you lose. There's nothing massive there at all.

There should be no electioneering within the 150-foot boundary, but ballot assistance is legal if it doesn't include electioneering. Providing a voting slate outside the boundary is legal too.

By the way, the GOP vote-suppression corps was inside polling places on the same authority as the Democratic GOTV people, and it's fully legal. I guess you guys just want IOKIYAR!

Last, Pajamas Media? Ha! ACORN scandal? Trumped up bullshit.