Saturday, November 27, 2010


On Fox, Karl Rove - no doubt trying to make peace between the Bushists and the teabaggers - says something kinda, sorta complimentary about Sarah Palin. She's supposedly smart to take her book tour into Iowa. Smart? It's completely basic Presidential politics, nothing wrong with it, but nothing newsworthy either.

Yet CNN reports this non-story, this piece of internal Republican politics on their sole-purpose propaganda channel. Because they looove Sarah Palin, at least her picture.

The more she whines about the attention, the more they put her every dingbat tweet out to the public. But! She's wearing leather with lots of zippers!

Psst, is there a bondage angle? CNN could merely ask the question and keep Palin in the ticker for three or four more days with the back and forth. (Palin: "I took a fashion tip from Danica Patrick, but the eastern egghead elite lamestream vegan media doesn't get NASCAR or the natural beauty of animal products.") Ooh, what a schweet dream!

This is the news coverage we deserve. Unfortunately.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes…the never ending Palin bashing. You dems wear your tactics on your sleeve. Constantly bash the potential Conservative candidate without respite. This, your ilk hopes, will seep into the Conservative movement and poison support for Palin among her peers. This is a scoundrel’s method of politics. You dems make it easy for me during Primary season. I always vote for the candidate you people hate the most.

lovable liberal said...

You mean it would be that easy to get you to support the weakest candidate since Barry Goldwater! I'll put out the word to Kos and Atrios, though somehow I think they've already gotten it.

Again, though, you're too obtuse to get the point of my posting. The very media Sarah Palin professes to despise is completely responsible for her continued marketability, since the only real qualification she needs, as far as they're concerned, is that she's a good-looking middle-aged woman.