Sunday, November 21, 2010

The next penis bomber

When we fly, we have to take off our shoes because of the Shoe Bomber.

When we fly, we have to show our junk or let it be felt up by the TSA because of the penis bomber.

Memo to al Qaeda: Please don't put a charger up some moron's ass, as in Man on Fire, and send him onto a plane. (As if please ever worked...)

The terrorists sometimes get more effect from not blowing up a plane.

Update (11/24): Patrick Smith of Salon has two more examples:

The scanners are also the latest turn in what is an unwinnable arms race. First came Sept. 11 and suddenly pointy objects are contraband. Then came Richard Reid, the "shoe bomber," and TSA decreed that all passengers must remove their shoes. Next we had the London liquid bombers, and suddenly your shampoo and toothpaste are consigned to 3-ounce containers. Then came the Christmas Day underwear bomber, and as a result we're being body-scanned and groped.


Anonymous said...

All of the new security measures are because we were attacked by Muslims. We should be profiling MUSLIMS instead of allowing TSA molesters to “feel up” three year old girls. It is an unacceptable choice, between x-rays and groping, that an air traveler must choose, to fly in the U.S. Thank you Democrats once again!

lovable liberal said...

By the same principle - or lack of it, we should surtax men for their vastly disproportionate share of violence, crime, and domestic abuse.

Riddle me this, my one-move-ahead advocate for simple-minded conservative answers, if you were a terrorist Islamist, what would you do to evade profiling?

Can we get real security instead of security theater? The TSA is yet problem left by Duhbya that Obama has failed to fix.