Saturday, November 13, 2010

A tale of two parties

Why is one-party Democratic government in Massachusetts for the past four years and the next four years much better than the long years of one-party Republican government (2003 to 2007) during Duhbya's maladministration?

That's easy. They're Democrats, which automatically makes them better. They actually believe in governing.

But... Power is dangerous even for Democrats. There's no lack of evidence that some Democrats are corruptible.

So why is unified Democratic government better than unified Republican government? The Massachusetts House Republican Minority Leader Bradley Jones:

On the Democratic side, there’s so many different opinions.
Unified Democratic government is better because Democrats are not sufficiently unified to become dictatorial. Republicans are simply far too doctrinally similar to tolerate the internecine conflicts that keep Democrats a party of dissent even when they're in power together.

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