Friday, November 19, 2010

Stop pussyfooting and name names

Nicholas Kristof gets it right:

I see members of Congress in my own country who argue that it would be financially reckless to extend unemployment benefits during a terrible recession, yet they insist on granting $370,000 tax breaks to the richest Americans. I don’t know if that makes us a banana republic or a hedge fund republic, but it’s not healthy in any republic.
But - "members of Congress"? Sure, there must be a bipartisan consensus to stick our heads up our asses. Kristof does say that Republicans are pushing tax cuts for the wealthy, but he only says it once.

He needs to make it crystal clear: Liberal Democrats want to help you. Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats want to help wealthy people who don't need help.


Anonymous said...

Unemployment compensation has become the new welfare in America. First it was six months, then 12, then 18 months and finally 24 months of “benefits”. This is an attempt to get as many voters as possible on the public payroll in an effort to change the voting pattern of as many people as possible. I’ve seen too many productive people fall victim to this handout and now wallow in their self pity and have lost all motivation to provide for themselves and their families. This is the result of the evil genius that is the liberal Democrat power structure unrestrained for the last two years.

lovable liberal said...

Ah, we've heard from another kool-aid-drinking Republican asshole. He says, you're unemployed? Screw you.

That's the Republican way. It's stupid. Because of constant repetition of radical Republican, Ayn Rand bullshit and lies, the public follows along like sheep. Abused sheep.

Remember that this crisis began under the Bushists? Anonymous doesn't.

There are not enough jobs. When there are enough jobs available, the extensions should stop.

Anonymous said...

This “Republican asshole” would like to remind the readers of this blog that Democrats have had control of the House, and thus the wallet of the Nation, since January 2007. That’s almost three years in real time. The reason there was an economic downturn is the direct result of reckless policy(s) instituted by the Democrats in control for almost three years now.

I’m left wondering why I’m attacked in such a way after stating facts on a political blog?

lovable liberal said...

You're attacked because you're bringing the same bullshit as your Republican heroes. You wouldn't know a fact from a fart.

Poor wittle conservative, are your feewings hurt from being attacked in return? I'm not like the Democrats in Washington. I don't suffer fools gladly in hope they'll come to their senses. The overwhelming evidence is that they won't. I don't believe in civility toward those who are both uncivil and dedicated to disinformation. You're one of them.

Anonymous said...

Correction....the Democrats have held the House for almost four years now. Just how much longer can the Democrats keep blaming Bush???? Sooner or later the public will no longer accept the "blame Bush strategy" and will come to their senses.

lovable liberal said...

Look, the passage of time doesn't change the cause of our economic predicament. It only changes the time available to the Republicans' expert bullshit-marketers to distract citizens from their memories.

You don't care what's true, only what self-interested lie you can sell to the weak-minded. And, man, are the teabaggers ever buying your product.