Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fooled you twice, America

Click image for full Tim Eagan/Press Democrat cartoon.


lovable liberal said...

Fell for the Republican con. Again.

Anonymous said...

Usually, when you people get clobbered in an election, your excuse is that you didn’t get your message out. In reality, the American public got the message loud and clear and rejected your socialist agenda in the only way they could. This was by throwing dems out of office all over the country right down to the local dog catchers office!

lovable liberal said...

And what's the cause when "you people" get thrown out of office? That you failed to convince them that feudalism is in their interest too?

You Republicans engaged in an anti-patriotic attempt to make President Obama fail, never mind what effects that might have on America and Americans. You put your power ahead of the country. Again, as you always do.

Hey, you won (except in select places). But if you look at many of the numbers, you'll see that we failed to get our voters to the polls, not that you won more votes. We Democrats were ready in Massachusetts, and the results were a tad different - we kicked your asses down the street and around the corner.

Your victory in 2010 was based mainly on disinformation and hysterical TV-driven outrage. Do you think that will work again in 2 years?

In the long run, so far in American history anyway, the liberals always win eventually. If you like, you can look fondly back on the late 19th century - or the Great Depression, the last time you laissez-faire assholes screwed up the economy by financial cheating.

The Republican Party is a bunco-filled RICO of staggering proportions.

lovable liberal said...

Correction: "not that you won more votes than in 2008".

Anonymous said...

When we lost seats in 06 and were evicted in 08, it was because the establishment Republicans in Congress were acting like liberals. They were spending like drunken sailors and not addressing the needs of the Republic. People like me, and Conservatives in general, would not vote for these types of Republicans just because they had an R next to their name. This behavior is known as voter integrity and is something that your party doesn’t know about. Thus, your gang won by default.

Obama’s policies failed as would all Communist policies injected into a Capitalist marketplace. Republicans held no power at all since January of 2008 and could do NOTHING as far as national policy. Obama, Reid and Pelosi have only the reflection in the mirror to blame.

You claim victory in Taxachusetts but yet a Republican took that fat, drunken murderer’s seat back for the people. Even in friendly territory, the public is running from your agenda in huge numbers. In two years you will lose the Senate and the White House.

lovable liberal said...

Jonah? Is that you?

Communist? When you claim that Democrats are communists, you immediately identify yourself as a total moronic dipshit. No surprise.

You live in a fantasy world of self-stimulation. You think you can redefine words just because you feel like it. Murderer, for example. If you made that claim about a private person, it would libel.

You claim Massachusetts is a high-tax state. Not by proportion of income, as I'm sure you know but adamantly refuse to acknowledge. Like many blue states, we're prosperous, well-educated, and entrepreneurial. The red states? Very often poor, ignorant, and conservative.

That's not a coincidence.

Did you not read the newspapers between 2008 and 2010? Did you fail to notice that Republican filibusters in the Senate - with frequent assistance from a couple of conservative Democrats - obstructed President Obama at every turn? Or do you have Alzheimer's?

Your eagerness to believe obvious falsehoods is incredible.

Anonymous said...
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