Saturday, November 27, 2010

Duhbya's boom

Don't you remember the incredible boom in GDP and entrepreneurship that Duhbya's tax cuts brought about?

Neither do I.

The tax cuts didn't create a huge surge of jobs either. And they didn't increase tax revenue.

More Bushist bullshit promises made and forgotten.

Yet the Republican Party continues to make exactly the same promises and the media thinks they're plausible.


Anonymous said...

I was very successful during the Bush years. Democrats preside over/create hard times and Conservatives repair the damage and allow for prosperity. During the “W” era, I purchased two homes, three new vehicles, took many trips and amassed other material wealth. How did you do?

lovable liberal said...

Exactly! You did well, so everything must have been fine. That's known as narcissistic personality disorder.

But the country did badly. As a self-centered conservative, you don't give a shit. Patriot!

Democrats always preside over better economies than Republicans.

Thanks for asking, though. I'm doing fine.

Anonymous said...

FDR...depression. FDR's solution was the "New Deal" and the result was a deeper depression. Fast forward to 2008..Countrywide, Fannie & Freddie nearly collapse (thanks to Democrat Chris Dodd) and send the Nation into a recession. Obama administration spends $780,000,000,000.00 and promises unemployment will stay at or below 8%. Less than a year later, unemployment hits 10%. Endless unemployment has become the new "New Deal" and has managed to extend the recession and impoverish millions. Now that's compassion!!

Anonymous said...

How about the recession during the Jimmy Carter days? Was that one of those better economies that Democrats always preside over?

lovable liberal said...

The Great Depression started in 1929 under Herbert Hoover. FDR took office in 1933.

You probably think the Great Recession started under President Obama since, after all, he took office in 2006. You're an idiot. Your own words show that you don't know the most basic facts.

lovable liberal said...

Sorry, not only better but better for everyone.

Anonymous said...

I’m aware that the Depression started under Hoover’s watch. I was merely pointing out that FDR mismanaged it. However, as usual, you resort to name calling because I called out one of your socialist heroes.

lovable liberal said...

FDR's mismanagement is very similar to Obama's: Both did too little and stopped too soon. FDR was better at domestic politics.

The Republican alternative of course was the Nero alternative, to fiddle while Rome (NY, GA, TN, etc.) burned.

FDR was the bulwark against socialism. You kleptocrats who think you're Ayn Rand heroes are simply too dense to understand that.

Anonymous said...

"FDR was the bulwark against socialism." This is, without doubt, the biggest lie I have ever seen from the left. I nominate you to the position of Press Secretary for the current administration.

lovable liberal said...

So, you believe that America has been a socialist state since the passage of the New Deal? That's your (stupid) claim?

You wingnuts believe that any expenditure of government revenue on, y'know, people, rather than on corporations, is socialism. Uh, no. Social program doesn't equal socialism.

You also totally fail to grasp how capitalist the American economy has remained. It's a mixed economy that leans heavily to market mechanisms and way away from any hint of central control.

Did you read Atlas Shrugged when you were 15? And you believed that crap!?