Monday, November 29, 2010

Everyone else at Fox

John Bolton is thinking about running for President. Not of his condo association. Not of the Anti-North Korea Association. No, of the United States!

I mean, shit, why doesn't he just announce to the world, "I'm so vain, self-centered, and totally ignorant of politics and human relations that I'm willing to say out loud my furiously egotistical fantasy."

Sotto voce: But everyone else at Fox is running. And I'm smarter than all of them.


ToeJamm said...

It's fun to watch liberals get all worked up about Fox. You guys are just whining (since whining is all you do) about how successfull the network is.

There is no liberal that is loveable.

lovable liberal said...

There is no conservative who can spell. It's lovable, you Fox-watcher.

My dog loves me, which is an instance proof that I'm lovable. "Instance proof" - have you ever read that phrase before?

You do realize, don't you, that the old broadcast networks have waaay more viewers than any channel on cable? The Fox audience is a few million old conservative white people who can't deal with the world as it is and want their bitter fantasies of a lost golden age confirmed. You've aged out of your generation before your time, I guess.

There are 310,000,000 Americans. About one in a hundred watches Fox. In a sane media universe, no one would pay any attention to the Republican Party's propaganda arm.

By the way, there is not one single fanboy of Ayn Rand who has a fully functioning brain - including Alan Greenspan, who abandoned ship just before it sank.

Anonymous said...

Over the years I've had many arguments with people about the leanings of democrats. I've insisted, to Conservatives and liberals alike, that the democrats are just communists by another name. I'm called radical, over the top and some other names as well. I finally decided to do some research on the father of communism himself, Vladimir Lenin. I came up with a simple line by line comparison of quotes from Lenin and compare them with the corresponding democrat party platform. Take a look;

Lenin – “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”
Democrats = “Global Warming”

Lenin – “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”
Democrats = Public School System.

Lenin – “It is true that liberty is precious; so precious that it must be carefully rationed.”
Democrats = Big Government.

Lenin – “No amount of political freedom will satisfy the hungry masses.”
Democrats = Food Stamps.

Lenin – “One man with a gun can control 100 without one.”
Democrats = Gun Control.

Lenin – “Our program necessarily includes the propaganda of atheism.”
Democrats = “Separation of Church and State.”

Lenin – “Sometimes - history needs a push.”
Democrats = Barack Hussein Obama.

Lenin – “The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency.”
Democrats = Print money you don’t have gold for.

Lenin – “The most important thing when ill is to never lose heart.”
Democrats = Desperately trying to pass heath care legislation.

Lenin – “The press should be not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses.”
Democrats = The New York Times.

Lenin – “The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.”
Democrats – Always trying to make sure the rich “Pay their fair share.”

Lenin - "There are no morals in politics; there is only expedience. A scoundrel may be of use to us just because he is a scoundrel."
Democrats = The Obama Administration.

Lenin - "To rely upon conviction, devotion, and other excellent spiritual qualities; that is not to be taken seriously in politics."
Democrats = The Democratic National Committee.

Lenin – “While the State exists there can be no freedom; when there is freedom there will be no State.”
Democrats = Therefore, there must always be a State.

Lenin – “The goal of Socialism is Communism.”Democrats – Will never admit to this.

lovable liberal said...

Yep, you're a raving lunatic. You call cut and paste research!

You've bought the wingnut lie about global warming. Yes, it's happening. Don't buy any beachfront property.

Public schools predate Marx. They're the foundation of modern American democracy - and its 20th century economic ascendance. But you're against 'em - because you, like conservatives everywhere, prefer ignorance.

You're against feeding the hungry. Ever read Jonathan Swift? You wouldn't notice the satire.

Etc. and so forth. Did you notice that you frequently accept Lenin's word as gospel?

You don't even know who the bourgeosie are. Hint - not the capitalists.

You imagine that you have a clue. You don't.

ToeJamm said...

Loveable is a word. Look it up.

It's typical of a liberal to nit pick superfluous arguments about grammar or favorite colors when it comes to policy issues.

And wrong.

lovable liberal said...

That's the one thing you think you can rebut!? Loser.

There were once rules about spelling - silent 'e' dropped unless needed to preserve the softness of a preceding 'c' or 'g' (hence knowledgeable instead of knowledgable). I'd think that you as a conservative would want to keep those rules.

Maybe you prefer teabonics.

lovable liberal said...

By the way, note where this link actually goes.

ToeJamm said...

I would love to discuss politics, government, economics, etc. with you. Can you refrain from the immature "loser" remarks? It's not often that I can debate on a friendly plain with liberals. Our dialogue is starting off rough. Maybe it is my fault.

"By the way, there is not one single fanboy of Ayn Rand who has a fully functioning brain - including Alan Greenspan, who abandoned ship just before it sank."

How am I supposed to rebut such a subjective opinion? I guess I'll try your way of arguing...Every fanboy of Ayn Rand is really smart and cool. Liberals are dumb.

Is that a fitting rebut for you?

On your other points, FNC is the leading news network. The old fashioned ones that you dont have to pay for are of course out doing it.

In any case, stop on by my blog "" if you would like to.

I will keep visiting yours as well.

Anonymous said...

No he can't Toe Jamm. He's an obnoxious, unabashed liberal, communist. He's very bitter right now because his chocolate Messiah has fallen from grace. LL knows that the American public has rejected the administrations attempts to socialize this still great Nation. He knows that in two years the dems will be sent packing from the oval office right down to dog catcher again. Instead of being an adult and admitting defeat, he insults and belittles those that have a Conservative viewpoint. This will never change.

lovable liberal said...

I certainly insult and belittle morons who use stupid phrases such as "chocolate Messiah". Where did you learn to capitalize words, Germany?

lovable liberal said...

ToeJamm, I'm willing to take the rhetoric back a notch with you.

Do you admit that you're a fan of Ayn Rand? You should - it's on your profile.

You know you don't actually pay for Fox, don't you? You pay your cable provider for delivery services, and the ads and your eyeballs pay Fox directly, not via your cable provider. That's why it's not a premium channel.

You know that practically everyone now has cable, right? And the traditional networks come to nearly everyone via cable. In the basic tier. Which you're paying your cable provider to deliver. How is that different?

Yet CBS, ABC, and NBC have much larger audiences than any of the "cable" news networks. Even CBS, the weakest of the three, has twice the audience of Fox's most popular show.

I will congratulate you on one thing: Researching the latest numbers, I learned that all news broadcast audiences, not just Fox's, are aging further into their 60s. No wonder John McCain is on the TV waaay out of proportion to his knowledge or influence.