Monday, November 22, 2010

Let them eat cake

Republican House Labor Committee chair John Kline (R-oligarchy)...

Kline also supports extending the Bush tax cuts for the rich. So in his world, $830 billion to finance tax cuts for the wealthy is fine, but $12.5 billion to extend unemployment benefits for three months is too expensive.
You could extend unemployment benefits forever at the same cost as making the plutocrats' tax cut permanent. Forever.

But that's not what liberals are asking. We want to extend benefits only so long as there's a large imbalance between available jobs and the unemployed. Now? There's record long-term unemployment not seen since before unemployment insurance existed - the Great Depression:


Anonymous said...

How about we get rid of the illegals that are working and we give those jobs to Americans? That would solve the unemployment problem without increasing the welfare state.

lovable liberal said...

Yeah, that's going to happen with the wave of a wand! But we could hire the unemployed to enforce our existing workplace laws.

Of course, that would only widen President Obama's lead on Duhbya in actual immigration enforcement, rather than typical Republican posturing.