Saturday, June 27, 2009


Indefinite detention on the unchecked say-so of the executive is just as wrong when the executive is Obama as it was when the executive was Darth Cheney, uh, Duhbya.


globeisatrocious said...

yet only worthy of a single, perfunctory post. Back to pointing out hypocrisy of Republican sexual pecidillos.

lovable liberal said...

Y'know, I'm never going to kiss your scurvy, idiotic ass. I'm never going to become the dittohead you wingnuts want. You might as well give up trying to convert me to the dark side.

Silence DoGood said...



But at least we see now that someone can put together "wrong" and "Obama" in the same sentence and the mountains will not tumble to the Earth.

lovable liberal said...

As if I never did before...

The thing about equivalences: It's important to find the real ones, instead of your usual false ones.

Silence DoGood said...

That was meant as a joke. Oh sorry, I mean jape or witticism.

OK you want real ones? In news today 4000 NEW troops arriving in Afghanistan engaged in a NEW offensive.

Bush sent troops to war.
Obama sends troops to war.

Are dead bodies real enough? I suppose you will argue: "but those are different dead bodies in a different country" or correct my grammar.

lovable liberal said...

You breathe air.
Hitler breathed air.

Obviously equivalent.

This is your favorite style of argument. It's a classic and elementary fallacy.