Friday, June 26, 2009

Jesus Glocking Christ

Schools, universities, national parks, restaurants, bars - why not church!

Personally, I can feel manly with only my penis holstered up by my underwear. (No, I don't consider it a concealed weapon.) I don't need a .38 under the front seat of my car or a semiautomatic next to the bed to keep me feeling adequate if someone gives me the finger on the highway or says something about my equipment or skills in bed. These theoretical situations are why I have a brain.

Bottom line: A lot of these people are so far around the bend that they ought not be permitted out on the grounds alone, much less armed. Eventually, one of them will miss when reaching for the toilet paper after squeezing off a round, absentmindedly pick up the bathroom gun, and shoot himself in the ass. I guess that's one way to get ripped a new asshole.

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