Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How liberals are different

We still leave our own judgement engaged when one of our own is in charge.

My take: If you're overexposed to Obama, you're probably watching too much TV.

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Silence DoGood said...

He totally nailed it with comedy. This has been my beef with Obama. He is liberal light. He is liberal sorta. Liberal in photo-ops.

And behind the scenes, the fat cats and big banks are very happy. The most Obama has done so far is give them a good talking to and hand them some more of my money.

His cap and trade energy emissions approach has been shown to have failed elsewhere and clever corporations can just "manage" it.

Leaving many 1000's of troops in Iraq permanently is wrong, and sending more to Afghanistan has not been properly thought through. People are dying there by our hand. Is everyone aware they voted for these pro-war politcies?

Mr. President, grow a liberal pair.