Saturday, June 13, 2009

Another guy who doesn't know any math

Paul Krugman on right-wing extremist violence...


globeisatrocious said...

penetrating analysis - I guess the AR recruitment center shooter was whooped up by Krugman's ati Bush rants, so blood is on his hands. What you both fail to appreciate is that shutting down free speech that you do not like will shut down the free speech you do

Silence DoGood said...

Be careful Globeisatrocious.

Speaking out against the Goverment is dangerous when it is supported by a zealot mob!

I don't agree with your posts generally, but I do salute your bravery. Well done.

Now go to re-education camp. (joke)

lovable liberal said...

Get a room, you two.

No one here is trying to suppress the First Amendment, though assessing where responsibility lies is a good thing. I'm answering speech (and violence too) with speech. My bad!

There are well-known speech crimes in the criminal code - incitement is one. Even BillO's heated and irresponsible anti-Tiller rhetoric was only bulls-eye painting and not incitement. Gia, you're not one of those weak wingnuts who thinks arguing against you violates your speech rights, are you?

Whether or not you are, you at the least have a problem with time's arrow. The Arkansas recruitment center was attacked when President Obama was CINC. Your parallel is so far from parallel that even you have to know it's bullshit. Try a little harder. I'm sure you can come up with something more plausible.

SDG, those zealot mobs? Uh, where? Did they hurt your feelings? 'Cause they sure haven't hurt anyone.

globeisatrocious said...

How many home grown terrorists fit the timeline? How about the Miami 7 for starters? Clearly the AR shooter required a steady Krugman diet that was unalleviated by election of the One. Saying my speech incites silences me today, you tomorrow.

Silence DoGood said...

I guess I will have to rest on all of known history. Violence from the left is as bloddy as violence from the right.

As usual, you are anecdotal and out of context. LL figures that if this this brief period of history in a selected area of the world seems to show only right wing violence because CCN says so, then all of history and certainly the future of the Great Obama Nation must be so.

His Holiness The Messiah must cast an aura that protects our nation from the forces of human nature.

for Globeisatrocious "silences me today, you tomorrow" If you have never read it you might like the poem, The Hangman. I think it makes your point very well. And is politics neutral.

lovable liberal said...

You guys are nuts. Show me where Krugman ever said anything like what goes on on wingnut radio and TV every day. I'm silencing you? Oh, please. I wouldn't be silencing you if I started deleting your comments.

SDG, you just admitted the bankruptcy of your arguments. "All of known history"? I guess you're against the human race, then. Are you a teenager? You argue like one.

lovable liberal said...

Another item for the innumerate SDG: Even conceding arguendo your "argument" from all human history, despite it not being actually made, you're arguing from an average to a data point, and that is untenable. We were talking about a DHS report about risks now, not historically.

lovable liberal said...

"Saying my speech incites silences me today, you tomorrow."

Who said your speech incites? I even said that BillO's speech didn't.

Do you have trouble with reading comprehension? Or did you just admit that you are one of those wingnuts who thinks calling bullshit on you suppresses your free speech - in other words, a Rush listener?

lovable liberal said...

Gia, Eric Boehlert pwns your weak-ass claim about Arkansas.