Sunday, June 28, 2009


Click image for full Adam Zyglis/Buffalo News cartoon.


Silence DoGood said...

You missed the next frame (in my imagination) of the cartoon where Obama is feverishly pumping gas into both vehicles.

The Repubs and Dems got the military "tank" rolling. But that tank wouldn't get very far without the continuous support of the Commander in Chief.

Obama's military is spending at roughly the same level as Bush's. The black budget is rumored to be going strong as well. 1000's of troops left in Iraq to protect the oil. 1000's more to Afghanistan area. Detainees shuffled around to fool the gullable.

I have noticed my friends here STILL refer to Umbama as the Peace President. I suppose they watch American Idol too.

Question Authority before it Questions You.

lovable liberal said...

Sorry I missed that edition of the SDG Imaginary Times. My bad...

Silence DoGood said...

Other than the black budget, the other facts are available on government web sites. And out of Obama's mouth although you must consider the source there.

You missed the SDG Times because it is invisible to those still wearing rose colored glasses.

lovable liberal said...

There are medications for those of you who see imaginary things, such as an additional panel of a cartoon you didn't draw in the first place. But you seem harmless, so I'd advise against those meds.